Trailer Cam
The Trailer Cam is a completely portable Wireless CCTV Solution that can transmit real-time video wirelessly from all it’s cameras to any location regardless of distance. It requires no mains power as it runs from it’s own internal power source and is completely silent. It is equipped with 4 Fully Functional Infra-Red Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras fitted on a Column that can be extended up to 40 feet in Height. The cameras can be viewed and controlled via any Mobile Device including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Laptops etc.
Temporary Live CCTV Monitoring for Town Centre CCTV Traffic Monitoring Anti-Social Behaviour Public Safety Crime Hot-Spots Events and Festivals Fly Tipping Building Sites Remote Sites Our systems currently supported and being used by: North Wales Police Denbighshire County Council Conwy Borough Council North Wales Fire Service North Wales Police Arson Reduction Team St Asaph Flood Relief Scheme 4 x Fully Functional Infra-Red Night Vision Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras, 4 x100 Metre Infra Red Night Vision Illuminators,Telescopic CCTV Mast up to 40 Feet in Height, Number Plate and Facial Recognition at 100m, Onboard HD Video Storage for 31 Days Local & Remote Video Wireless Download,Transmits Video Wirelessly to any loaction, Comes with PC & Mobile Device CCTV Monitoring Software. No Power Required, runs on Batteries.Deployed, erected and setup in Minutes