NIC EIC Appoved Contractors

Electrical Installation and Repairs

Gone are the days when anyone can do electrical work, years ago many people would extend their ring mains or run cables for extra spurs and add 13 Amp sockets to their houses and even small business premises.

In 2005 new legislation came in to govern this sort of work in the United Kingdom.

Now most works have to comply with Part P which dictates all of the compliance issues that must be addressed for any electrical work to protect people and prevent accidents.

Of course, if you are proficient, you can probably wire a plug and most people can change a light bulb, but wiring jobs should not be undertaken by someone who is not competent.

Many area’s of a property have a requirement that the work is completed by a Part P trained person or that the work is certified afterwards by the local authority.

If you have a fuse board that requires your regular attention, either to reset a breaker or especially if you have to replace a fuse in the fuse board then you really should speak to us.

Here’s a video from Which that explains some of the Part P information for the home.

Fuses going and breakers tripping indicate some serious issues. Likewise if your fuse board has red black and blue cables, you should call us as your household or office wiring may no longer be safe.

Dragon Security and Electrical Ltd

are NIC EIC Approved Contractors and Domestic Installers

As you would expect, our staff are highly trained and systematically review their training to ensure that we are compliant. Obviously your safety is paramount, we ensure that all of our work is completed to the highest standards before we complete the paperwork and hand it over to you.